9 February 2016

Post traumatic stress

That offer employees support during a traumatic situation?

A debriefing on the situations that have particularly affected the team, physically and / or psychologically is very important for the employees of a company. What I propose:

  • Team meetings, members directly affected by the event. Each person can speak or remain silent. The goal is to ask questions and relieve themselves facing a complex situation. Suicide attempt, return to work of a sick person, death of a child of an employee severance plan, dismissal of a employee for serious misconduct, …
  • Individual interview for those most affected. If the situation is more personal, more shocking, it is advisable to see those separately to meet a confidential nature and leave the floor to the most modest people.
    Situations: death of a colleague discovered a deceased employee, physical assault of an employee …

You will find different types of situations:

  • Physical assault
  • Attempted suicide, leaving a letter to the office
  • Death of an employee on the way to work
  • Publicized death of an employee
  • Employees who experienced post traumatic stress at holiday
  • An employee who is dismissed for serious misconduct
  • A redundancy of a group of people
  • A person with decompensated

Purpose of these interventions:


  • post traumatic stress
  • guilt
  • dysfunction in society
  • recalling a lived event in the past
  • an evil being


These services are generally offered in the week following the event. The procedure can be done in the company but also in my office regarding individual consultations. (Often more appreciated by employees)

Procedures to be defined now.