9 February 2016

Individual consultation

Come see a psychologist may be associated with feelings of shame, failure, … The story of the people who passed by my office is not the same. They describe this passage as a revival, a turning point in their lives.

Do not imagine doing relaxation. It is for you to work and a session with a psychologist can be very tiring.

What is important:

  • a trust relationship between the professional and you
  • Every person and every situation is unique. The management should be adapted.
  • a multidisciplinary team work (occupational medicine, CNS, psychiatrist …)
  • confidentiality (Code of Ethics of the psychologist)
  • knowledge of Luxembourg legislation (especially in the field of work and illness)

I work in a multidisciplinary team with sophrologists, sport coaches, psychiatrists and therapists to adjust the treatment as needed. The quality of care is the priority.