9 February 2016


My experience: burnout

Last years, I was able to specialize in the diagnosis and management of burnout. This disease is known and often referred to in the media and by employees. Sometimes misused as some people self-diagnose and describe themselves as a tired person who worked too much and would like to rest.

That would be too simple. Generally the entourage is aware of symptoms and the person (often the best people who feel safe from this type of disease) has no idea of what is happening in her body.
These people make fun of others who might transmit the idea. They do not sleep well at night and are not tired, work overtime, do not respect their lunch break and are still quite productive.

Society has changed, more work, fewer employees, obliged economies. Which brings insecurity of work, the fear of losing his job. Group work is transformed into individual work, each for himself. The company’s values ​​do not correspond to that of our education. The work and reward balance no longer exists. The pressure is itself quite present. A strength, perfectionist employee will sacrifice time his private life to his work …. it becomes a vicious circle!