9 February 2016

Burnout / Depression consultation

My experience allowed me to develop a program tailored to people in private and exhaustion. We must differentiate a person at risk and a person in burnout or depression.

I help people out of burnout and especially not to relapse. It is not difficult to get out of exhaustion, but only a good specialist will help you understand the causes, mechanism and above all give you the keys to not fall back into bad habits.

We will work among others on:

  • The values ​​and life priorities
  • The life rules to follow
  • Risks different personalities
  • Analysis of the physical and psychological risks to the person exhausted
  • The recovery of a social life
  • etc.

We will use the right tools:

  • Survey
  • Paper exercises
  • Relaxation exercises / Mindfulness
  • Physical program with coach (on request)
  • etc.

I work in a multidisciplinary team with sophrologists, sports coaches, psychiatrists and therapists to adjust the treatment as needed. The quality of care is the priority to break the fast depletion and do not relapse later.